Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We all need somebody to lean on.....

This week, I have already been blessed by people in my life who care enough to call and check on me. It got me to thinking a lot about life.... So I decided to compile some thoughts by different people who have inspired me recently.

As Pastor Joe Jones noted in a recent blog, we can either say what we have, or have what we say. Our creator who created us in His image, spoke the world into existence. He has tried to encourage us to speak of what is not, as if it were. BUT, in our warpped little human minds, we think it is weird to "claim" things that aren't visible. Such as saying "I am blessed coming and going, I will borrow from none and lend to many". When we consider such speach in the natural, we think it is foolish. But, when we realize that we are "not of this world", but rather we are of a different economic system, it becomes supernaturally real!

So I say thank you to Matt Bills! You always call at just the right time to give me that pick me up that I need. And I say thank you to my wife Steph. No matter how bad of a day you may have, you always strive to make mine and our kids' days better. You guys are God sent, and I am blessed to have you in my life.

So I say to the others that may read this...... Be available to be used by God. You never know when one of your "friends" may need to lean on you!

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