Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Please God

I was talking to a friend a while back about the things of the Lord. We were talking about how our prayers seem to always be "oh, please God, come help me....".

We both thought it to be interesting how we dint give God two thoughts until we are in a pickle. In Deutoronomy 30, we are told that it is up to us. We have q choice to obey, or not to. And if we obey, we are choosing prosperity, health, peace, and joy. If we choose to he disobedient, we are choosing destruction..... essentially the polar opposite of the rewards of obedience.

I encourage you today to make your walk with God a lifestyle, and jot just a ceremony for Sundays. You see people, if we would live our lives on purpose, trying to please God, we wouldn't be crying out "OH PLEASE GOD!"

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